Administration Unit

The Administration Unit handles assets, company vehicles, facilities and procurement matters. With the expansion of the campus building, the Unit will be undertaking many high profile projects which involve building renovations and procurement of equipment. Currently, the unit is manned by an Executive and an Officer, both with relevant experience in the area.

Information Technology Unit

The IT Unit is responsible for all matters pertaining to computers, emails, website, internet facilities and systems. Our personnel include three technicians who serve all users in Yayasan Selangor and Gurney campus.

Finance Unit

The Finance Unit manages all financial matters for the management and staff in UniKL Business School. The unit is basically divided into account payables, account receivables, budget and system.

People Management & Team Culture Unit

The People Management and  Team Culture Unit deals with staff matters which include recruitment, interview, staff leave, uniforms and jackets, medical benefits and other daily issues pertaining to staff. The unit is now manned by three executives who are experienced.