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Until 2020, Malaysian are using up to 148,000 million tonne of single use plastics. This is not something that we are proud of. These single use plastics will end up either in the landfills or find its way to the oceans. The addiction to plastic is alarming amid the increase in advertisements in social and mass media to change the Malaysian consumer behaviour. What can we do to change the way we deliver environmental awareness messages to the Malaysian consumer? Our Program Coordinator En. Muhamad Shahrin share his thoughts in his article in Bernama online news portal.


What's New

“Thriving in Turbulent Times: Breakthrough Innovation & Creativity, and Disruptive Changes”

The colloquium was presented by Postgraduate Section, UniKL Business School. Postgraduate Section had successfully organised a colloquium on 15th of October 2022. The event was open to all postgraduate students and 42 students submitted their research papers. During the colloquium, the participants showcased their research to the panel of assessors. Then, following a structured process of questions and answers, participants reached the concensus on recommendations made by the assessors. This event yielded a huge range of quality papers for publication with UniKL Business School in-house publication.

Students’ papers and presentations were moderated by experts and will be published in UniKL Business School in-house publication. After being grilled by the moderators, the participants can finally let their hair down in the corporate luncheon at EQ Hotel. The keynote speakers were Associate Professor Dr Sheikh Muhammad Hizam, Dean of the UniKL Business Scholl while Dr Rosni, the Head of Postgraduate Section were on hand to open the luncheon.

Thank you so much for your kind support and we look forward to having each of you for the next colloquium in Winter 2023.


Dr Muhamad Shahrin Hashim - Program Coordinator