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Postgraduate Section is Focused on to bring Inspiration and Innovation to Young Professionals.


Meet our Head of Section

"As the pandemic continue to send waves after waves of challenges across the world, the corporate landscape we once knew had forever changed. The time has come to re-examine our skills and deepen our knowledge.

Malaysian GDP growth to recover to 6.2% in 2022. The pandemic had different effect on individuals with different level of educational qualifications. Tertiary educated labour force in Malaysia is 32% in 2020. This presented an opportunity for highly skilled workforce to improve their employability in 2022.

As we enter 2022, covid still posed a threat to global health, disrupting supply chains and the whole economy is still suffering from the covid aftershock. As the pandemic continue to wreak economic havoc, many companies, brands, and professionals will reposition themselves to get through the unchartered waters.

Join us at UniKL Business School Postgraduate section with our MBA and PhD program where we equip you with the necessary tools to transform your future. "

Dr. Rosni Ab Wahid

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Until 2020, Malaysian are using up to 148,000 million tonne of single use plastics. This is not something that we are proud of. These single use plastics will end up either in the landfills or find its way to the oceans. The addiction to plastic is alarming amid the increase in advertisements in social and mass media to change the Malaysian consumer behaviour. What can we do to change the way we deliver environmental awareness messages to the Malaysian consumer? Our Program Coordinator En. Muhamad Shahrin share his thoughts in his article in Bernama online news portal.

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One unique feature of our MBA program is the use of SAS software in our MBA courses. SAS or Statistical Analysis System software is a leading software in Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions. The software is well known for its big data analytics capabilities and widely used in both academic research as well as in business decision making. Having the SAS training in our MBA program is definitely an added advantage to our MBA students, particularly for those who are managing business departments or members of the top management group. Here, students will be exposed to the essentials of data management, data mining and high-performance analytics.


The objectives of having SAS training in our Quantitative Analysis and Corporate Finance courses are:

2.1 To equip our MBA students with knowledge in advanced quantitative analysis via a specialized analytics software like SAS

2.2 To provide our MBA students with the skillsets in handling data management via SAS Base Programming and SAS Enterprise Guide

2.3 To reveal SAS capabilities in managing multidimensional datasets and in generating analysis for business intelligence (BI) as well as dashboard reporting.


Upon successful completion of the two courses above, students will be awarded with SAS-UniKL Joint Certificate in Business Analytics. This is to acknowledge the hard work and the skillsets that they have acquired during their studies at UniKL Business School.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Hadi

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