Student Development and Campus Lifestyle (SDCL)


Welcome to Student Development and Campus Lifestyle (SDCL) Department, UniKL Business School. At  SDCL, the department comprises three main sections i.e. Student Services, Campus Lifestyle, and Marketing, Students Registration and Admission (MeSRA).

UniKL believes in the holistic approach of creating all-rounded individuals.  The sports and recreation (indoor and outdoor) facilities in UniKL allow students to explore their creativity and potential be it in the form of arts or sports. Besides enjoying our fully-equipped gymnasium, UniKL students can also fully utilise our indoor and outdoor facilities for games such as netball, football, rugby, bowling, futsal, basketball and extreme sports. The Sports and Recreation Unit takes charge of sports and recreation at SDCL and is responsible for the following:

  •   To organise competitions and sports activities to promote a healthy lifestyle;
  •   develop, prepare and manage sports and recreational facilities to fulfill the satisfaction of  students;
  •   plan and organize sports and recreational programs to encourage students' involvement; and
  •   instill educational values in students through sports and recreational activities to produce well-rounded individuals.

The government of Malaysia has consistently stressed on the importance of education as one of the most important sectors of growth for the country. With this in mind, the Education Ministry and other relevant governmental bodies have made available many types of financial packages from banks, financial institutions, state departments, government-linked agencies and local organizations which basically offer scholarships, loans and financial aid to local students. SDCL UniKL Business School will do its best to assist students to obtain financial aid to support their studies. Local students may apply for educational loans from financial institutions, state foundations and PTPTN. Eligible Bumiputera students may apply for educational loans from MARA.

At the Campus Lifestyle Department, we  offer a unique combination of high academic standards, employment success and provide a prime location amidst beautiful surroundings, with ease of access to Kuala Lumpur city. Our students' satisfaction always takes precedence in the Student Services Department to make sure they achieve the desired academic success while  students' welfare is always well  taken care of. We provide a range of services to help students achieve their educational and personal goals. Our role is to offer quality student-specific services to enable our students to succeed intellectually and socially during their college life. Don't forget to check out our campus lifestyle gallery.

SDCL UniKL Business School also provides counseling services at free cost.  Confidential and professional counseling services either individually or in groups are available for all students.  The counselors are attached to the Campus Lifestyle Department and are available to assist you on any issues of concern in a relaxed and non-judgmental setting. Students bring a variety of worries and concerns including study difficulties, homesickness, addictive behavior, etc. Some can be sorted out within a session, while others require longer counseling sessions. Whatever the problem is, talking to a counselor often helps.