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Case study on financial management of Small Medium Technology company in Malaysia

This case study is to observe main issues and factors that affects the financial management of a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) technology company in Malaysia, UT&E (M) Sdn. Bhd. The result of this study help us to understand their internal and external issues to manage their business operations to gain profit to make them sustain in the industry through analytic tools that can determine the company’s strategy for better improvement. In order to be competitive in the growing technology industry, especially in this challenging situation of pandemic Covid-19 crisis which badly affected many businesses and the economy around the world, the company need to enhance their strategic plans through the efficiency of analysis conducted thoroughly in this project. The company has to properly manage their business productivity even though they are in the hardest situations to make them capable to overcome every critical condition to maintain their sustainability. The key management of the company plays a crucial role to review their organization’s main problematic issues and identify which areas that need further improvement to increase the company’s revenue-making for the importance in the growth of their business. The services offered by the extremely massive technological industry nowadays has brought many competitors to provide almost similar business nature with lack of self-identity and uniqueness of the company which they had to compete in terms of pricing and customer. The resources of customer information, marketing strategies, varieties of services offered and business plan ahead has to be reliable and somehow need to be on track with the current trends flow so that the company must always be in the influenced of the latest technology demands and align with the industrial revolutions 4.0. The company must ensure they deliver a high-quality service for their customer to experience a world-class standard offering to keep the trust for future business. Enhancing the conducive working environment for the better health and motivation for their employees is vital to keep the momentum of their daily operations to be more productive and increasing positive growth in the company performance.

For more information about the case study, you may contact the researcher at:

Researcher: Iylia Syazana binti Othman | iylia.othman@s.unikl.edu.my

Supervisor: Muhamad Shahrin Hashim | mshahrin@unikl.edu.my

The challenges for Property and Construction company in Malaysia during Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a case study of Acre Atelier Berhad (the Company). The company is based at Ampang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The core business of the Company is specializing in property development and construction. The case study discussed on the overview of the survival of construction industry during pandemic how the Company can survive in the global effect changes. The case study also focused on Malaysian Economic Analysis in term of GDP, GDP rate of growth, inflation rate, interest rate, unemployment trade and others.  The analysis on Malaysia economic is important to the Company in strategizing their business and operation and for them to overlook on the impact of economic to their businesses.

To know more about the researcher, you can contact the following researcher:

Researcher: Nur Fitriah Hanani | fithriah.razak10@s.unikl.edu.my

Supervisor: Muhamad Shahrin Hashim | mshahrin@unikl.edu.my